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Cookies Cakes & Pastries Baked Daily

Morning Goods

These are made freshly every day. We make a wide range from Swiss buns, Belgian buns, Danish pastries, Eccles cakes, Apple turnovers, Scones, Custard slice, Cream slice, and much more, not forgetting of course our wide range of fresh cream.


We produce a wide range of cakes on a daily basis which included Shortbread, Gingerbread, Bakewell, Flapjack, Truffles, Madelines, Cherry & Almond slice, Coconut slice, Cookies, Chocolate fudge cake, Chocolate caramel shortbread, Chocolate toothpaste, and many more. There are always a minimum of forty different cakes available at any time in our shops with lots of seasonal additions. Plenty of choice for everyone!


Everyone has a favourite. All our doughnuts are fried in vegetable oil for no longer than 2 minutes, to ensure a light and fluffy product.

These are finished in many ways. We currently produce 15 different varieties in different shapes and toppings.

It was here that the top hat doughnut was created in 1996. Often copied, but never quite the same as the original!

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