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White Bread

We don't add any additives or preservatives to our bread, we use the the process called bulk fermentation for this dough.

The dough is mixed and is then left for approximately 1 hour for the yeast to develop and gasses to expand. This process creates lactic acid, which is an excellent and effective mould inhibitor. We expect our bread to last for up to 4 days, if stored in the correct conditions. Although it is best to buy fresh daily to appreciate the superior flavour and texture.

We prepare many different shapes of white bread, from tins, sandwich loaves, farmhouse, cottage, bloomers, flute loaves and many more, with many of them finished with various toppings such as dusted flour, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and a special tiger topping, all loaves are available in small or large sizes.


We use wheat from farms in the Wantage area for this product. The wheatgerm as well as the bran has been retained in the flour to maximise nutrients and flavours. This product is very popular with people who like to have a healthy diet.

Country Malt

This bread is more commonly known as granary. For this product we use flour milled in Chelmsford. This country malt is a heavily malted brown flour with large malted flakes, which has a very unique nutty flavour.

French Stick

Milled in France from French wheat, it gives an open texture with a crisp crust. Tradtional French bread is made from flour, salt, yeast and water. It is best eaten on day of purchase , but can be revived by reheating in the oven after brushing with water. With this dough we also make crusty rolls, viennas and baguettes.

Low Gi Multi Seed

Gi stands for glycaemia index, which is a way of ranking food according to the effect they have on blood sugar levels, that is,how quickly they are digested, the lower a food Gi ranking the slower it is digested, helping you feel full for longer and sustaining your energy levels. For this reason it is an excellent choice for diabetics and IBS sufferers. It has become one of our biggest sellers due to its unique flavour and health benefits. Low Gi multi seed contains pumpkin seed, linseed, sunflower seed, which together with wheat bran and oat flakes produce a delicious tasty bread with a course and open texture.

Rye Bread

The rye flour we use is wheat free. The finished loaf is dark in colour and very heavy in texture. This is popular with people have wheat allergies.

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